1. http://cineharmonica.tumblr.com/post/38072792833/december-fountain-pen-giveaway


    At the end of this month I’ll be giving away 12 fountain pens to random followers—and that could mean you!


    All you need to do to enter is to reblog this post*, like any one of my other posts, and follow my (somewhat) new blog here! If you want, you’re welcome to unfollow after the…

  2. http://www.badger.com/oliver

    I’m not even kidding, and if you buy one using the link above it helps me in the little reward system Badger have going on. Booyeah.

    Oh, you can very easily set it up as your custom Tumblr URL (: 

  3. http://d.pr/os4U

    This is really depressing.

  4. I have moved.

    I’m over at blog.olvr.me now guys. Coolcoolcool.

  5. taylorethecreator:

Educate yourself NOW.


    Educate yourself NOW.

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  6. yelyahwilliams:



    Reblogging so I can watch the whole thing in the morning… but also to help spread the word. We can #stopkony!!!

  7. boobga:

Catch Aliens  http://bit.ly/boa_iphone 


    Catch Aliens  http://bit.ly/boa_iphone 

  8. epic-codfish:

Poor hipsters!


    Poor hipsters!

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